OP Tandon Physical Chemistry Pdf

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OP TENDON Physical chemistry pdf

Because in this article we have solved your problem by providing the download links of Pdf. As we all know that OP Tandon covers the latest syllabus according to CCE guidelines and it can be handy for other boards as well.

Content Of OP Tandon physical chemistry PDF

1Mole Concept
4Oxidation – Reduction
5Equivalent Weight
6Concentration Terms
7Volumetric Analysis
8Gaseous State

This OP TaNDON book is divided into 3 parts 
  1. OP Tandon physical chemistry 
  2. OP Tandon Organic chemistry 
  3. OP Tandon Inorganic chemistry 

Basically we have provided the downloading links of all the three parts which you can download from below links.

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Organic Chemistry:

General Organic Chemistry is one of the most important topics in this section. 

A student cannot ace organic chemistry without understanding the concepts thoroughly.

Additionally, students should equally focus on isomerism and effects. Studying these concepts will help solve most questions from organic chemistry.

Moreover, students should remember that before beginning to solve questions from organic chemistry, they should completely understand GOC, Hydrocarbons, Alcohol, Aldehyde, Amines and Alkyl Halide.

Inorganic Chemistry:

It can be inferred that Inorganic Chemistry has more weightage than Organic/Physical Chemistry.

 Important chapters from Inorganic Chemistry are Chemical Bonding, p-block and Coordination Compounds.

Collectively these have around 6-8 questions based on them. Most questions in inorganic chemistry are from the NCERT books. Hence, students should focus maximum on NCERT for this section.


1.OP Tandon Physical Chemistry PDFDownload
2.OP Tandon Organic ChemistryDownload
3.OP Tandon Inorganic ChemistryDownload


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