Physical Education Class 12 Notes

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Physical education is the examination wherein you are instructed about body movement and better techniques to improve your body execution.

Physical Education Class 12 Notes

 This incorporates different muscle procedures and sorts of developments that grandstand the adaptability of your body which in the end benefits you.

Physical education is more than course or subject where understudies are given the information to zero in on physical wellness that with assistance the development of the body. 

Having a superior body and routine will improve your capacity to perform and enjoy regular body exercises.

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Syllabus


Chapter name



Planning in Sports



Sports and Nutrition


Yoga & Lifestyle


Physical Education & Sports for CWSN (Children with Special Needs – Divyang)


Children & Women in Sports


Test & Measurement in Sports


Physiology & Injuries in Sports


Biomechanics & Sports


Psychology & Sports


Training in Sports



Total Marks 100

All the information about Physical Education Class 12 Notes is provided Below:

Chapter 1: Planning in Sports 

For any occasion to be coordinated, it is significant that you ought to have intending to execute it. In this section, you will be clarified the importance and targets of arranging. Aside from this, you will be acquainted with different advisory groups and competitions that are liable for different game occasions that are led. There are sure methods for each cycle and here you will be trained the obligation you will maintaining and how to attempt them. 

This even gives you a presentation to indicate a games program that is directed for thinking about a specific occasion or association.

Chapter 2: Sports and Nutrition

For good wellbeing, practice isn't sufficient. One ought to try and have an appropriate eating regimen to adapt up to day by day necessities and to keep up a reasonable daily schedule throughout everyday life. This section will give the understudy the necessary data on food consumption and the nourishment that is needed to keep up a decent eating routine. 

Weight control is likewise a piece of this unit where understudies are recognizing the different legends and gossipy tidbits spreading for the decrease of weight. They have even incorporated the best possible strategy that can help individuals to shed pounds without influencing your typical daily schedule.

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Chapter 3 – Yoga and Lifestyle 

Yoga and Lifestyle

Yoga has increased greater fame among different gatherings of individuals around the globe. The principle reason is the advantages it gives to the body and keeps us from account illness that gets influenced because of unfortunate food consumption or ill-advised daily practice of life. 

Asanas are considered as one preventive measure for different sorts of medical issues like stoutness, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, back torment. Every one of these issues has specific yoga asanas and definite data to defeat is referenced in the section. Here is brief data about the arrangement. 

  • Heftiness: Vajrasana, Hastasana, Trikonasana, Ardh Matsyendrasana 
  • Diabetes: Bhujangasana, Paschimottasana, Pavan Muktasana, Ardh Matsyendrasana 
  • Asthma: Sukhasana, Chakrasana, Gomukhasana, Parvatasana, Bhujangasana, Paschimottasana, Matsyasana 
  • Hypertension: Tadasana, Vajrasana, Pavan Muktasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Bhujangasana, Shavasana 
  • Back Pain: Tadasana, Ardh Matsyendrasana, Vakrasana, Shalabhasana, Bhujangasana 

 Chapter 4: Physical Education and Sports for CWSN

It is hard for a genuinely moved people to partake in any of the games, yet there are extraordinary principles and guidelines for those individuals so they can likewise take an interest in occasions that are made for everyday citizens. 

Here in this part the simple center is tied in with clarifying the idea of incapacity and confusion, kinds of handicap and nature for the equivalent. The strategy to beat the difficulties to partake in even is additionally clarified here alongside the rundown of actual exercises for youngsters with a unique need. Incapacity Etiquettes are likewise clarified in this part alongside the actual exercises that will be beneficial for youngsters with uncommon necessities. The fundamental point is to give as much actual exercises office for uncommon youngsters.

Chapter 5: Children and women in Sports

Exercise and physical actuate are intended for everyone and individuals of various ages can likewise play out those exercises. It effectively improves engine advancement and different elements that is influencing it. This part gives practice rules to build up a superior development rate and improve the daily schedule of those individuals who follow them. 

The section even incorporates the strategy to beat a portion of the normal postural disfigurements like thump knee, level foot, round shoulders, Lordosis, Kyphosis, bandylegs, and scoliosis. 

The other piece of this part is totally zeroing in on ladies' issues and the measures to conquer them and dominate in sports exercises. There is a unique thought (Monarch and Menstrual Dysfunction) where exceptional consideration is to be given to female games characters. Aside from this, there is a significant stage which is Female Athletes Triad. This is a medicine condition in which is seen in genuinely dynamic female competitors that include 3 significant segments ie, dietary problem, Oestoperosis, Amenoria.

Chapter 6 – Test and Measurement in sports 

There are sure standards and guideline that an understudy ought to follow to play a game and here are some those significant focuses that should be thought of while playing those games: 

  • Engine Fitness Test – For running and exercise test there is sure standard that a competitor should pass to qualify the wellness level like 50m Standing Start, 600m Run/Walk, Sit and Reach, Partial Curl Up, Push Ups (Boys), Modified Push-Ups (Girls), Standing Broad Jump, Agility – 4×10 M Shuttle Run. 
  • General Motor Fitness – Barrow three-thing general engine capacity (Standing Broad Jump, Zig Zag Run, Medicine Ball Put – For Boys: 03 Kg and For Girls: 01 Kg) 
  • Estimation of Cardio-Vascular Fitness – There are a portion of the tests that should be passed prior to fitting the bill for any game and some of them are Harvard Step Test and Rockport Test 
  • Calculation of Fitness Index: (Duration of the Exercise in Seconds x 100)/(5.5 x Pulse check of 1-1.5 Min after Exercise) 
  • Rikli and Jones – This is one of the wellness tests that apply for Senior Citizen and other test subtleties are as demonstrated as follows. Other data for the test is referenced in the part that can be alluded by the understudies. 
  • Seat Stand Test for lower body quality 
  • Arm Curl Test for chest area quality 
  • Seat Sit and Reach Test for lower body adaptability 
  • Back Scratch Test for chest area adaptability 
  • Eight Foot Up and Go Test for nimbleness
  • Six Minute Walk Test for Aerobic Endurance 

Chapter 7 – Physiology and Injuries in Sports 

In the event that there are sport and difficult work, at that point there will be injury and difficulty. The primary concern to be considered is to defeated those wounds and return to the game. Here in this part, we are concentrating on those physiological variables that decide the structure of actual wellness. This part gives consideration regarding those medical problems which play a significant while playing sports. The impacts of activity on the human body are more probable identified with the cardiorespiratory framework, solid framework and wounds occur because of maturing. 

There different sorts of wounds that can be experienced while playing posts like Tissue Injuries 🙁 Abrasion, Contusion, Laceration, Incision, Sprain and Strain), Bone and Joint Injuries: (Dislocation, Fractures: Stress Fracture, Green Stick, Communicated, Transverse Oblique and Impacted) Causes, Prevention& treatment. The emergency treatment administration is additionally given to the required individual and the techniques to actualize the equivalent on harmed individual 

Chapter8 – Biomechanics and Sports 

Biomechanics in sports is clarified in this part advertisement significant center is given to the kind of developments that influence the idea of the human body. Newton's Law of Motion and its application in sports is additionally relevant in this part which even remembers the hypothesis of contact for sports. 

Chapter 9 – Psychology and Sports 

Character; its definition and types – Trait and Types (Sheldon and Jung Classification) and Big Five Theory, Motivation, its sort and methods, Exercise Adherence; Reasons to Exercise, Benefits of Exercise, Strategies for Enhancing Adherence to Exercise 

Chapter 10 – Training in Sports 

Quality Building and procedures to improve endurance for better execution in sports are clarified in this part. There are different sorts of preparing that will expand the capacity of any sportsperson to break their obstruction so they can improve.

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